Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hello, I'm new here.

Welcome, welcome! As I type this I am trying to avoid thinking that tomorrow is back to work. We have a whole week before the kiddos come for their new year as first time second graders. Little do they know, I am a first time second grade teacher! Their little minds will be racing about how the year will go. They are feeling nervous yet excited. I have to admit that these are all the feelings I am feeling as well. Will I be a good second grade teacher? Do I have everything I need in order to make the year successful? Will the students have a good time this year? The answer to these questions loom in my head yes, no, yes, no. I know that everything will be fine once I get in the classroom and get going. Nothing like hands on learning! :)

So I am writing this to say welcome to an adventure. Come embark on second grade with me. Maybe we can share stories and resources. Maybe even a few laughs, too...

We are T-minus 5 days from Meet and Greet! I will post some pictures soon. Stay tuned.

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